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You might need more time for yourself when you are en empath!

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

Do you often feel tired and want to be alone for at least 1 hour a day? Even if you are happy to have people around you, do you still regularly need hours or days all to yourself?

Are you easily upset when several things demand your attention at the same time?

Do you often feel criticised by your partner or flatmates for being too withdrawn and secretive?

Do you need a lot of sleep to cope with the demands of the next day?

Do you think you are different or weak compared to others who do not have all these needs like you?

Do you sometimes think, that there is something fundamentally wrong with you?

Do you feel guilty that you need daily breaks just on your own to recharge your batteries?

Has anyone ever told you that there are people who absorb the feelings and energies of their fellow human beings deeply, directly and without any filters, and this 24 hours a day?

These people have a gift as they are highly sensitive and pay special attention to the needs of others and less to their own. This takes a lot of energy, like after a marathon, only that the energy is used up constantly every day and has to be refuelled again and again.

Hence the tiredness, the necessary breaks, the need for silence and the need for a lot of sleep.

If you recognise yourself in this, it might be time to accept yourself a lot more in order to understand that this supposed "weakness" is actually your innate strength, living a life of an empath!

Once you understand this about yourself, you can turn the wheel of your life around!

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